NEWS — September 2021

In Indonesia, August has been dubbed as the month of the struggle for independence. This year, 2021, the country has been free from colonialism, mainly of the Dutch, for 76 years.

It is often understood that national heroes are those who fought against colonialism for the nation’s independence. Now, such a definition of heroes has indeed transformed alongside the changing nature of our world. With the internet and globalization, this world has been a super-different one from that experienced by the above heroes.

There are, now, many heroes whose fights are not against colonialism anymore. Instead…

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Rudi Kurniawan Dahlan — September 2021

Gunfire and violence between security forces and the free papua movement (FPM) often occur. On 2 September 2021, four members of the Indonesian Army died when they were attacked by an FPM group in the Kisor Military Post in South Aifat district. The victims of this violence are not only the two parties of the Indonesian Army and the FPM group, but also targeted civilians. In mid-August 2021, two civilians, workers of Indo Papua Ltd. was found dead in a burning car. …

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NEWS — September 2021

Papua, formerly known as Irian Jaya, is located in the easternmost part of Indonesia whose capital is Jayapura. Many people usually understand there is only one Papua Province, while in fact, based on Indonesian Government Regulation number 24 of 2007 there is also West Papua Province whose capital is Manokwari.

West Papua Province used to be called Irian Jaya Barat has few symbols which represent the philosophy of its province; the white star image means God Almighty and the people’s hopes and dreams, the refinery tower picture with the bursts of fire means that the province…

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Annalia Bahar — August 2021

Currently, the people of Papua are preparing to welcome the National Sports Week (PON), where Papua province was chosen to become the host. Although it was postponed due to pandemic reasons, the Indonesian government has announced that the PON will be scheduled to run from 2–15 October 2021.

Various preparation has been massively implemented. Moreover, this event is categorized as a people’s party nationally attended by all provincial representatives, from Sabang to Merauke. It can be spotted that the Papuan authority and the PON committees are working hard to facilitate the event. …

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Muhamad Rosyid Jazuli — August 2021

Last 15 July, the revised Papua Special Autonomy Law or Otsus has been passed by Indonesia’s parliament. Indeed, a considerable milestone for developing the most-eastern part of Indonesia has been achieved. The grand narrative surrounding the new law is that it is all for the development of Papua.

Technically speaking, of course, the new Special Autonomy Law brings some positive values. Among other things is the extension of the granting of special autonomy funds until 2041. In addition, the special autonomy funds are increased from 2 percent to 2.25 percent of the national general…

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Rudi Kurniawan Dahlan, Masyithoh Annisa Ramadhani — July 2021

Public was shocked by a video that went viral regarding the two Indonesian Air Force military police forces who took firm action against a young Papuan man believed to be a person with disability named Steven Yadohamang on Wednesday (28/07/2021). The incident began when the two military police forces responded to the conflict between a man in the food vendor near JA Dimara Air Force Base Merauke in where Steven claimed to be drunk at that moment. Those military police seemed to arbitrate the conflicting parties yet misunderstanding occurred given the…

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Masyithoh Annisa Ramadhani — June 2021

Indonesia’s national sports event called the XX National Sports Week or Pekan Olahraga Nasional (PON) XX is scheduled to be held on 2–15 October 2021 in Papua. It is the right momentum for accelerating the equitable development of Papua and strengthening the unity of Indonesia as a big nation.

More than 6,480 athletes from 33 provinces in Indonesia will participate in this prestigious event who will compete in 37 sports, 56 sports disciplines, and 679 match numbers. Despite the region’s security concern, which becomes one of the greatest challenges in organizing this national event…

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Muhamad Rosyid Jazuli — June 2021

In Indonesia, susah sinyal or poor cellular signal, is a term that is very commonly heard. It is very well known in various areas outside Java which is the economic center of this nation. However, in fact in some places in Java, there is still such a signal reception problem.

This signal reception difficulty represents minimal or no telecommunication reception, especially cellular reception, in Indonesia. The problem of accessing this type of infrastructure is still a piece of serious homework for the Indonesian government, regardless of the era or administration. …

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Rudi Kurniawan Dahlan — June 2021

The decision of Indonesia’s government to determine armed criminal organizations and groups that support separatism such as Free Papua Movement (FPM) as terrorists have sparked many pros and cons. The Government decided that armed criminal organizations are a terrorist organization with the legal basis of Law №5 of 2018. Meanwhile, the National Commission of Human Rights regrets the Government’s decision due to the concerns of having it cause civilian victims who were not involved and closing the peace dialog in the future.

Reflecting on the pros and cons, the raising concern of abuse of…

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Muhamad Rosyid Jazuli — May 2021

The government of Indonesia is set to take serious steps to crack down on the misuse of ‘public money’ in Papua.

This statement was revealed by the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Mahfud MD in Jakarta, Wednesday, 19 May 2021 (detikcom, 20/5). The government is said to target the ten largest allegations of corruption in Papua. Investigating corruption cases in Papua certainly cannot just be a bluff. The public is waiting for the real-world investigation to be carried out.

Corruption everywhere and by anyone must be dealt with because corruption is…

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