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Muhamad Rosyid Jazuli, Masyithoh Annisa Ramadhani, Annalia Bahar — March 2021

Diversity within Indonesia is like diversity in a family. Every individual in it is different. There’s fighting, there’s dispute, but of course there are affection and love. However, regardless of its dynamics, the family is still a family that is a unique, integrated unit.

Other people may comment on these dynamics. However, the ones who know the most and can make decisions about the future of anyone in the family are those from within it. Those are the ones who interact with each other every day.

Decisions are not…

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Masyithoh Annisa Ramadhani — December 2020

It takes two to tango. That is an old saying emphasising that in order to make such movements, it requires two people or two sides willing to take part and do their best to make things happen. In Papua’s case, many have argued that dialogue is the best tool urgently needed to resolve Papua’s never-ending conflicts.

However, there seems to be a missing gap on how this effort is not supported with the government’s adequate resources to facilitate the process and communicate with the people involved, not to mention the lack of political will…

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Annalia Bahar — December 2020

It is inevitable that there have been debates about the idea of Papua independence. Some arguments say that Indonesia is unable to ensure the welfare of the Papuan. Besides, others emphasize on the historical background in which Papua was claimed to be a separated part of Indonesia.

However, it must be noted that Papua as part of Indonesia has developed in various fields ranging from politics, economics, to human resources. …

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Rudi Kurniawan Dahlan — December 2020

In Indonesian eyes continued Dutch occupation of West Irian is both a remnant of colonialism and an illegal seizure of a portion of Indonesian territory. — Hatta, 1958

In my other article titled Hatta Not Refusing Papua, I have mentioned Hatta’s point of view in seeing Indonesia’s position under Japan when trying to incorporate Papua, then still controlled by the Dutch. Hatta did not agree with Papua’s incorporation yet because he emphasized the smoothness of international recognition in seeing Indonesia’s independence without any territorial problems.

This article will show how Hatta’s attitude changed in…

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Muhamad Rosyid Jazuli — December 2020

Papua is one of the most dynamic regions in Indonesia. You may have heard a lot that Papua is closely related to seeking self-determination and even separatism. I can assure you that there are many resources you can find about such things.

However, that Papua is a vibrant region with its ups and downs, as almost all regions in Indonesia and the world, I am a little doubtful that the availability of information about it, especially in English, is minimal.

So, to overcome your thirst for knowledge about Papua, here are some stories related…

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Masyithoh Annisa Ramadhani — December 2020

Sorong is considered the strategic hub in the West Papua Province. Besides its potential in the industry, trade, and service sectors, Sorong is also surrounded by other regencies with their magnificent natural resources, attracting both national and international investors. Sorong is located in four regional frontiers; the Philippines, Australia, Moluccas Islands, and Papua New Guinea.

Given this strategic point, Sorong becomes the gate for domestic trade in Indonesia’s eastern regions with their Port of Sorong and Domine Eduard Osok Airport. Port of Sorong is used as the main gateway to West Papua Province. …

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Rudi Kurniawan Dahlan — November 2020

Papua now consist of two provinces, namely West Papua and Papua. It is part of a long history of the country of Indonesia. Papua has been recorded in the year 1365 in the book of Negara Kertagama written by Mpu Prapanca for King Hayam Wuruk. In verse 14, the names of the places mentioned in the book like Wwanin (Onin, near Fakfak), then Seran (Kowiai, near Kaimana) and Wandan (a place on the island of Nieuw Guinea). …

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Masyitoh Annisa Ramadhani — October 2020

COVID-19 has brought a considerable impact not only on the health and economic sectors but also on democracy and governance. It tests the governments’ leaderships to perform responsive containment measures to reduce the pandemic’s impact, ensure the provision of essential services, and commit to transparency and accountability at the same time.

For countries that implement democratic systems such as Indonesia, COVID-19 has also tested the state’s commitment to holding regional elections. The elections are scheduled to be held in December 2020. They are an essential feature of democratic practices and the spirit of decentralization…

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Muhamad Rosyid Jazuli — October 2020

There has been arguably little info in the international media about how ordinary life goes on in Papua. You may wonder if Papua is all about political and arm conflicts. No. This region, which spans two provinces, is indeed an ordinary landscape in the sense that all people there strive for a multicultural society as much as other regions in Indonesia and other parts of the world.

In Papua’s multicultural strive trajectory, there is not only peace but also frictions as they are part of life. …

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Rudi Kurniawan Dahlan — October 2020

In many discourse about Papua, one of the problems that must be resolved regarding is a problem related to history. One of the important points in LIPI’s research, written in the Papua Road Map, also raises this point.

Historical issues are an essential factor for the Papuan people in particular, and the Indonesian people in general. The discourse on history must be at a starting point to understand during which time a historical event took place. It is important to clarify the discourse when talking about Indonesia as a state entity with Papua in…

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