The West Papua Region fighting coronavirus

The region of West Papua (Papua and West Papua provinces) is working hard to respond the recent coronavirus issues. Non Papuan residents, even foreigners are subject to restrictions from entering the region. Health equipment like masks are ensured to be available for the residents of West Papua.

The Provincial Governments of Papua and West Papua, Indonesia are quite responsive in responding to the recent corona virus issues. One of the policies is potential restrictions and close monitoring for non-Papuan residents entering the region. In addition, businesses also need to prepare preventive measures but no need to panic.

As written by, the provincial government of the Papua province has held a corona virus alert coordination meeting to determine anticipatory steps so that the virus does not enter the easternmost province in Indonesia.

Deputy Governor of Papua Klemen Tinal said, Monday (03/09/2020), a Governor Instruction will be issued related to the prevention of corona virus.

“This Monday (3/16), we will issue the Governor’s Instruction. We begin to preventive measures by placing (necessary) equipment in strategic places. We ask all hotels and mall to install tools (thermo scanners),” said Klemen after the meeting at the Papua Governor’s office, Thursday (3/5/2020) as written by “Those that will not (cooperate), we will ask them to temporarily close.”

Papua will tighten the entrance and exit points to Papua. These entry points will be fitted with a body temperature gauge. Klemen also requested that residents outside Papua do not come to his area in the first place if the matter is not too important.

Even for foreigners, the deputy leader of the Papuan provincial government suggested that no one should come first to Papua until the corona virus related matters subside and resolve.

“We will restrict people from coming from outside. For foreigners, they don’t need to come, (and) those who have just left, don’t come back, (and) those who want to come, be patient,” he said.

Written by BumiPapua, meanwhile, Head of the Health Office of the West Papua Province, Otto Parorongan ensures that the supply of masks is still in a safe condition.

The local West Papua’s authority checked and guaranteed the availability of safe masks in every district in the province of West Papua.

Otto said, “Special masks are provided for the sick, not for healthy people and those who should wear masks are sick people or those affected by the corona virus, not the healthy ones.”

The local West Papua’s health office urges West Papua residents not to panic about this situation and do not need to go along with the masks panic-buying at pharmacies or other places.

“The price of masks in West Papua varies and stocks in pharmacies are also relatively safe,” he said.

West Papua provincial authorities reminded that all elements of society work together against the potential for panic. The authority stressed that the media is also required to disseminate accurate information, so as not to cause anxiety for the people of West Papua.

The West Papua Health Office actually reminded all West Papua’s residents to adopt healthy lifestyles, consume nutritious food, get enough exercise and don’t forget to clean the environment. (*)



Enriching discourse and understanding. A protest to Indonesian govt that unsuccessfully serves the world fair info about West Papua.

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Enriching discourse and understanding. A protest to Indonesian govt that unsuccessfully serves the world fair info about West Papua.