Young West Papuan at world-class Model United Nations

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As many see the West Papuan region as a hopeless land, its people, its young generation, and the region themselves have been setting aside such pessimism and carry on with optimism and positive actions. Recently, the simulation of UN session or commonly called Model United Nations (MUN) held by Tashkent State University of Economy in Uzbekistan came with an interesting happening. Steve Mara, a young man from Papua (or some may call it West Papua), chaired one of the crucial sessions that was attended by young people from all over the world.

As reported by many media (Kumparan, Kompas, Inews, etc), the MUN was held in accordance with the C7 — World Economy and Business International Conference on February 28-March 1, 2020. The forum gathered respected young generation from various countries who played the role of delegates and simulated the UN committee.

A young proud West Papuan, Steve Mara is one of many youths from West Papuan who are interested in global diplomacy. For several times, he attended national and international conferences and MUN activities. His diplomacy enthusiasm has spurred him to continue working his expertise and later a career in the field.

During the conference, he was trusted to be chairperson in the session for the Committee of World Trade Organization (WTO). Steve apparently cannot hide his enthusiasm and pride.

“Today, as young people, we must continue to act wherever and whenever. Joining positive activities will develop our skills in various ways,” the young West Papuan said on Sunday (1/3/2020) as reported by many media above. He hopes more and more young people will appear before many forums at the international level.

Steve continued, “I invite all young people of Indonesia and especially in Papua (West Papua and Papua) to continue to learn and prepare ourselves to face a future that will be full of challenges.”

Approximately thousands of youths have initiated and participated in MUNs all over the world. During many sessions in the MUNs, the young generation showcase their skills in research, public speaking, debate and writing, critical thinking skills, teamwork, and leadership. At the end of such conferences, prominent delegates on each committee are recognized and awarded certificates of appreciation to the best delegates on each committee.

Each delegate will also be given the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to make a speech detailing their country’s position on the topic and offer solutions that can solve a problem on the topic.

The session simulation is chaired by a leader with the help of two vice-leaders who will moderate the debate in the simulated courtroom. At the end of the session there will also be a resolution offered to the forum by each block in the forum.

This Uzbekistan based MUN is held based on the sessions of seven most influential organizations in the world, namely the UN Ecosoc, European Union, World Bank, World Tourism Organization, World Trade Organization, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and Cabinet of Ministers.

The main purpose of the conference where Steve Mara attended was to gather 500 young people, economists and business owners who would be asked to act as international decision makers, negotiate on global economic problems, business and tourism as well as produce innovative solutions.

In his session, Steve Mara said that Indonesia was a country concerned with diplomatic activities with other jurisdictions because as a republic, Indonesia’s foreign policy is fundamentally free and active. That means that Indonesia is quite open to diplomatic relations with any country, especially those who pay respect to the sovereignty of the archipelagic country.

According to him, if all youths in Indonesia can develop significant interest in the field of diplomacy, it will become a great force for the nation, especially in the field of international relations. (*)


Enriching discourse and understanding. A protest to Indonesian govt that unsuccessfully serves the world fair info about West Papua.

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Enriching discourse and understanding. A protest to Indonesian govt that unsuccessfully serves the world fair info about West Papua.